award winning jam maker

For the love of fruit

Dodger is an artisan, small batch maker of jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys. We create the best of Scottish fruit in a pot.

Our products are dairy free, vegan and free from artificial colourings and additives.

Dodger is about FRUIT – seasonal, top Scottish produce with no additives

Dodger is about SUSTAINABILITY

Dodger is about working with the rhythm of the SEASONS

Dodger is about LOVE

Basket with spoons

Our story

It’s all down to my daddy! He was the jam maker in our family. 

Growing up in the war every little bit of produce from the kitchen garden was jammed, pickled or bottled, and he learnt to make jam and prune the fruit trees.

From the moment I had my first garden that’s the direction I took, finally starting Dodger on 1st April 2020. I was a cook too – that’s in my maternal DNA.

I also have access to a wonderful old walled garden in East Lothian where I use any surplus fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Additional fruit is sourced locally where possible and Seville oranges from Spain.